The Bella Barkley harnesses are available in all the prints in which the other Bella Barkley products are also available .
The harnesses have 2 strong metal buckles around the chest and are adjustable on 5 different places: 2 around the neck, 2 around the belly and 1 underneath the belly.
The harnesses are available in 0.78" and 1" wide. During the order proces you can make your choice. 

Measuring your dogs' harness size:
Take a measuring tape and measure your dogs' chest just behind his frontlegs. Remember: the harness shouldn't be too tight or too loose.
If you have any doubts, please send me an email at and I will help you te make the right choice. 

Harness sizes:
Size S:
the neck is adjustable between 12,6" and 19,6"
the chest is adjustable between 16,5" and 21,6"

Size M:
the neck is adjustable between 14,9" and 25" 
the chest is adjustable between 19,6" and 27,5"

Size L:
the neck is adjustable between 16,9" and 29,9"
the chest is adjustable between 25,5" and 37" 

If your dog has a chest circumference of 26" for example, it is wise to choose size L (and not size M). Size L gives you a bit more leeway to adjust the harness.



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