All Bella Barkley collars and leashes are made from 100% cotton webbing and 100% cotton fabric. So no plastic or leather in the handmade Bella Barkley products!!
To choose the right size for your dog, you have to measure your dogs' neck. The collar shouldn't be too tight or too loose. When you have doubts or when your dog is between 2 sizes, please send an email at I can make a custom collar for your dog.
Do you want to complete the set? You can order the matching leash at the same time.

Collar sizes:
Size XS: adjustable between 7,8" and 11"
Size S: adjustable between 9,8 " and 15"
Size M: adjustable between 13" and 20" 
Size L: adjustable between 17" and 29" 

The collars are available in 0.59", 0.78" and 1" wide. During the order proces you can make your choice.
If your dog has a neck circumference of 19" for example, it is wise to choose size L (and not size M). Size L gives you a bit more leeway to adjust the collar.

There are two matching leashes available: a 55" long and a 98" long leash.
The 55" long leash has a strong musketon snap.
The 98" long leash has 2 strong musketon snaps and is adjustable in length in three different places.

You can make your choice for a matching leash during the orderproces.



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