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About Bella Barkley

My name is Claudia Groenewegen and March 2019 I started Bella Barkley.
Bella Barkley means 'beautiful barker' and I think they're all beautiful: the biggest, the smallest, the naughtiest and the sweetest. I find dogs remarkable animals: they give us onconditional love and are loyal.They are smart and without speaking the same language they completely understand us. And just like people, every dog is unique!
I am lucky to have 2 beautiful dogs in my life: Jet and Ollie. Both had a rough start in life as straydogs in Romania, but now they are living the good life as familydogs in the Netherlands.

Searching for cute collars for Jet and Ollie in stores and online I saw a lot of the same, but nothing special and unique to match my "special and unique" dogs. And that's when the idea for Bella Barkley was born: a small collection handmade, colourful and unique dogaccessories that are comfortabel, strong and make your dog look even more prettier!
My designs are made for all dogs: small and big, young and old, breed and mutt, because all dogs are beautiful, unique and deserve a wonderful, colourful life! 
Because I believe all animals are unique and special animal wellfare is important to me, so I don't use leather in the collars. The environment is important too, so I don't use plastic in my products.

I invite you to check out my collection. If you have any questions, please ask them. Every product is handmade, so a special size for your dog is possible.

Important to know:
Bella Barkley takes no legal liability or responsibility for the use or misuse of the products. It is your responsibility to ensure the suitability of this product for your pet. Bella Barkley can`t be held responsible for any injury, loss, or harm caused either directly or indirectly.
I use strong materials to manufacture the collars and leashes and I test them regularly. I will never ship out items I would not use myself.
Bella Barkley products are sturdy and perfect for everyday use, but I do not recommend them for overly-aggressive dogs.


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